Chronik: Über 400 Jahre Tradition
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Taster weekend for 2 persons:

Two nights in a double room with breakfast, welcome drink, one three-course menu, one four-course menu and a souvenir




110-jähriger Bierbezug (Marlies Bernreuther, Brauereichefin, Nicole Endres, Helga Endres, Daniel und Hannes Endres, Nadja Endres, Hermann Endres)The “Zum Lamm” guesthouse has existed for over 400 years. Very little is known about its early centuries, and only a cast iron stove made in 1714 and a bullet shot by Napoleon’s French troops after 1796 hints at a long and eventful history up to the present day. The Endres family has managed the “Zum Lamm” guesthouse since 1888, when Johann Endres from Eismannsdorf and the great-grandfather of the current landlord, married 18-year-old Anna Pappenheimer, whose family had lived in Göggelsbuch for many generations. The lime tree in front of the entrance to the building was also planted in 1888, and now provides an idyll and shade to the newly-designed winter garden. 

The Bernreuther brewery in Pyras has been supplying beer for the "Zum Lamm" guesthouse since 1906, which had previously been supplied from the “Ochsenwirt" in Hilpoltstein. The wedding of Johann Endres and Anna Herzog took place on 7th February 1928, prompting two days of celebrations! As we can see from the surviving documents, the guests consumed 3 hundredweight of beef, 3 hundredweight of pork and 500 litres of beer; one measure of beer cost 50 pfennigs at the time. This generation of managers started a guestbook for overnight stays, which began on 18th July, 1931 and is now a firm guesthouse tradition.

The next generation, Johann Endres and Kreszenz Fiegl, married in 1959. They demolished the old guesthouse, which still had an open fireplace and a dance floor on the first floor. The building you see today was constructed on the same spot for the “Zum Lamm” guesthouse. 

Hermann Endres and Helga Heim were married in 1986 and have been running the guesthouse since then. The stables, which housed 30 cows, were demolished in 1993 and the guesthouse was built on this site. The beer garden was transformed into a winter garden in 1999, and annexed to the inn.

Nadja Endres and Daniel Butzer were married in 2014 and, in 2015, became the latest generation to run the inn. The kitchen was also modernised in this same year, and the Pyraser Landbrauerei celebrated its 110th birthday in 2016!  

The 40-acre farm, which is still cultivated over its entire area, produces homemade, traditional meat and sausage products from its own pigs, sheep, fallow deer and carp, which are extremely popular with visitors from both near and far.  

Back then, as today, the Endres family wishes you a pleasant stay, a good appetite and a blessed thirst!